What is Body Mass Index and How Is It Calculated?

Obesity; It is one of the most important problems faced by people of all ages. It is known that staying still during the pandemic process in recent years also causes weight gain. Many people struggle with the problem of overweight as well as obesity. One of the vitally important factors for a healthy person is the body mass index.

body mass index; It is an indicator of the total fat in the human body. It has a vital importance in detecting health risks. Body mass index, which is becoming more and more popular with the advancement of medicine; It is an option that specialist doctors use to screen overweight and obese patients.

People with high body mass index; especially type 2 diabetes;

  • Stroke
  • hypertension
  • joint and gallbladder diseases
  • heart diseases
  • sleep apnea and snoring
  • cancer
  • premature death

are exposed to diseases such as Although body mass index is important, different criteria are also taken into account when evaluating a person’s health risk. Factors such as blood pressure, blood sugar level, smoking and alcohol use, menopausal status, cholesterol level, age, gender, lack of physical activity provide information about the health status of the person.

What is body mass index? As an answer to the question, it can be defined as the measurement and evaluation of a person’s weight according to his height. body mass index; It is important because it gives an idea about total body fat. It is generally possible to say that as a person’s body mass index increases, their total body fat also increases.


How to Calculate Body Mass Index?

With the body mass index calculation process, it gives an idea about the ideal weight of the person. In other words, it can be understood whether the person is at a healthy weight or not. However, if the value obtained during the calculation process is high, it turns out that the fat ratio in the person’s body is quite high. At this point, Body mass index; It is also important in determining whether the person’s weight poses any risk for diseases such as heart attack, cancer and diabetes.

“Body mass index = person’s weight in kilograms / person’s height in meters squared”

calculated with the formula. In this way, it is determined which weight category the person is in. body mass index; It can be interpreted differently, especially in bodybuilders. Because these people are faced with a higher value than they think.

However, in addition to the body mass index, the waist and hip ratio of the person should also be taken into account.

What Should Body Mass Index Be?

Results obtained from body mass index calculation female and body mass index calculation male procedures should be carefully evaluated. Body mass index, which is one of the most valid criteria in order to reveal the ideal weight; differ according to criteria such as age, gender and height. Many people have the question What is the Body Mass Index?


Body Mass Index Ranges

0-18.5:  It is known as the body mass index range that is considered weak. It is essential for a person to gain weight in a healthy way under the guidance of a dietitian.
18.5-24.9:  It is the body mass index range that shows that the person is at her/his ideal weight.
25-29.9:  Indicates that the person is overweight. It is recommended to lose weight in a healthy way under the guidance of a dietitian.
30-34.9:  Indicates that the person is in the first degree obese category.
35-39.9:  This person in the second degree obese category; It is vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases.
40-44.9:  The third degree is obese. This person in the third degree obese category; If he does not lose weight quickly, he finds himself in the grip of many diseases.
45+BMI:  It is considered super obese.

A pediatrician and a specialist dietitian should take part in the evaluation of body mass index for children.

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